Justin Dauer

Justin is a designer, author, and speaker from Chicago with 23 years of experience - across design agency, studio and tech. His passions lie in building inclusive and diverse teams, fostering creative cultures, and advocating for design that, above all, serves human connection.

You'll find him often engaging with the AIGAs speaking events, interviewed in Forbes magazine, and penning articles for CEO World Magazine and A List Apart. He speaks internationally on culture and design and wrote the celebrated book 'Creative Culture'. He's currently a Principal Consultant at OST, and previously VP of Design at bswift (a CVS Health company).

Justin is a proud father of two boys, a selvedge denim aficionado, an admitted coffee snob, and a lifelong Batman fanboy.

Justin Dauer

About the talk

Our Imperatives: Connection & Fulfillment

- Florence Gould Hall

As leaders, the well-being and success of the teams we manage—paired with the quality of work they produce—are paramount areas of our focus. Over the flux, stress, and uncertainty of the past couple years, ensuring our teams have been as connected and fulfilled remotely as they were in-person has been a fluid and evolving challenge.

When we’re focusing on the well-being of others, we can forget to turn that same compassionate lens inward: what of the connection with ourselves, in kind?

Join Justin as he shows us that agnostic of virtual or physical environment, the humble connection with ourselves, our teams, and those on the receiving end of what they're producing is imperative toward quality and evolution.

In this dialogue you'll learn how to:

  • identify and prioritize your values
  • break out of sleepwalking (going through the motions and ticking the boxes)
  • understand and leverage the practices where we're fulfilled back into our team and cultural dynamics

Q&A with Tutti Taygerly, Justin Dauer and Abbey Smalley

- Florence Gould Hall

Q&A with Tutti, Justin and Abbey.

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