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Hugo Cornejo

Hugo is VP of Design at Monzo, helping to build the bank of the future. Built for your smartphone, this is banking like never before; one that updates your balance instantly, gives intelligent notifications, and is actually easy to use! Hugo spoke at Leading Design London in 2018 so we're thrilled he'll be joining us on the San Francisco stage.

Hugo Cornejo

About the talk

Growing Design at Monzo

In 2015 the team started Monzo with a dream: making money work for everyone. Hugo was the only designer in the company so would design everything (which is crazy when you think about it!). Output quality and bandwidth were quite limited, but as a positive design consistency and communication were great!

Today, with around 1 million customers, Monzo has scaled their design team to more than a dozen brilliant people. They've learned so much during that process and have had time to reflect on how interesting it is that teams can get used to seeing processes breaking miserably every six months! Near misses here and there, unexpected mistakes, soul-searching and also a couple of lucky successes. Hugo will be sharing his journey this all while making sense about what's next!

He'll also drop a joke or two, just to check you're paying attention.

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