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Lynsey Thornton

Originally from Ireland, and currently based in Vancouver, BC, Lynsey is the GM of Core Product at Shopify. With a background in design, project management, and business, she focuses on building RnD teams and practices in high-growth tech companies. Her true loves are ethnographic research and developing women in tech.

Prior to leading her multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers, and product managers at Shopify, Lynsey designed gaming & gambling experiences. Similar to her path at Shopify, the gaming company she worked for also hadn’t involved customers in their development process before. She created her first UX Research team there and has been building teams ever since.

Lynsey Thornton

About the talk

Leading a business by design

Most of us in leadership roles consider ourselves "T shaped" people. Continuing your growth as a leader means continuing to broaden both sides of your T. It often means being a great leader for your company first, and your discipline second. It's your dedication to understanding, and collaborating across disciplines. And it's a critical design leadership value. I'll share what I've learned and where I've failed in expanding my T shape as my roles have expanded from a User Research team of one, to a large UX team, to General Manager of a Product line.

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