Christine Pizzo

Christine Pizzo is a highly specialized Manager & Senior UX/UI Experience Designer at Intrepid Pursuits with a Master’s Degree in Advertising: Creative Technology/ Experience Design, and over 8+ years creating in the digital space. Currently designs & launches apps: including Principal Designer for Baskin-Robbins first app to be released Oct. 2016, Lead Designer for both an International Pharmaceutical & Telehealth app; and Track Nantucket: an experiential bike touring app uncovering island lore. A nine time pitch winner and Design Sprint Lead for Fortune 100 brands, her passion is derived from enriching a brand’s personality and truth. Her digital focus is strategic thinking and conceptual ideation - developing a brand’s transformational product.

Christine Pizzo

About the talk

Mythbusting Millennial Management

There are days where you want to wring your hands...or wring someone’s neck; feeling “These millennials, #ijustcant”. They’re a whole different animal, one whose sheer numbers are outpacing the rest of your company. While it might be overwhelming, or you find you can’t relate, by mythbusting these millennials — you’ll learn how to connect, understand and communicate to this breed.

All blinders will be taken off and you’ll be privy to an inside view of Design Department Structures, Stratification & Individual Requirements, overall Process and multiple Management Styles. We’ll also peek into a few product projects and delve into managing from a team, project, individual and company level.

How To’s ranging from analyzing baseline skillsets apart from raw talent, determining your reward cadence, to inspiring trust and passion will be tackled. Lastly, we’ll wander down the winding path of building a tight, productive and motivated ship working at full steam...not taking naps on the bean bag in the corner. This talk will be highly interactive, come prepared to turn the mirror inward on your team and tactics; and know (as your millennials certainly do) only the strong survive.

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