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Jill Lin

Jill is a strategic and visionary design leader. She currently works for the LEGO group as Head of Interaction Design, responsible for leading and driving novel play experiences.

Throughout her career, she has been designing interactions at the intersection of people, products, and environments. She brings out incremental and revolutionary changes for people she designs for and empowers them to do what they love.

She has worked in design leadership roles in London, New York, Europe, UAE and Taiwan across industries – from fortune 500 companies, to government, non-profit and more.

She believes in being a part of the bigger driving force and elevating the world through design to change for good.

Jill Lin

About the talk

Creativity, imagination and play

- Barbican Centre

Play is for everyone, everywhere; it enables a flow state that keeps focus, ownership and creativity. Discover how to inspire leadership and design with play to build creative confidence, ignite imagination, create an environment for physiological safety and pave a sustainable leadership path forward.

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