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Jose Coronado

Jose Coronado is the Executive Director, Head of DesignOps at JPMorgan. He helps UX teams amplify their impact and companies maximize the business value of investing in design. As a design executive and management consultant, his work includes projects with organizations like McKinsey, Accenture, Aquent, Bain Capital and AIG among others. Jose’s career includes leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies like ADP, Oracle and AT&T.

Jose earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Colombia, and a Master of Fine Arts in Design from the University of Kansas.

Jose Coronado

About the talk

To the future, stronger together

- Barbican Centre

As we emerge from the unprecedented challenges, as leaders we need to evolve, strengthen our teams and our support network

The impact of design is growing and the demand for design talent is increasing. We see more designers rising to leadership roles. We see management consulting and research firms showcasing the importance of design in business. However, reality shows a contrasting picture as there are many organizations laying off design, product and technology teams. As design leaders we need to join forces and support one another so we can go into the future stronger together, increasing our impact and influence in our organizations.

We need to reflect on ourselves and our teams so we can emerge stronger together leading into the future.

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