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Adam Morris

Join Adam for a conversation with peers on this hosted lunch table.

Design leadership style: the people, the work or both?

What shape of design leader are you? What shape of leader does your organisation require you to be? There exists a tension between where we focus: time spent on the people in our teams or the work they’re doing to drive outcomes. This can be based on factors such as size of your team, the design maturity of your organisation or how well established the product is. Or even because of our own self imposed beliefs on where we feel we should be focussing. But is focusing on one over the other bad?, or is it expected or needed by your organisation?

Explore over lunch where you spend most of your time and in service of what and how that is recognised within organisations. How peers grapple with walking the line between developing good work and developing their people and demystifying what being ‘hands on’ means to us as design leaders.

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About Adam

Adam is the Head of Product Design and UX at The Economist. He's focussed on creating intuitive experiences that deliver The Economist's indispensable analysis and ideas for the world's most curious people.

As a designer and leader he cares about making products that drive change, growing people and applying process to make strategy real through design.

Before joining The Economist, he led the product design practice at strategic design and technology studio Made by Many. He's launched products and services for companies such as BBC, ITV, Skype, Carlsberg, Cannes Lions, Gates Foundation, Finnair and Expedia.

Adam Morris

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