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Matt Davey

Matt is a design leader seasoned in shaping and scaling teams. For the last decade he's been at 1Password where he lead user experience, research and design as the Chief Experience Officer. Matt is proud to have helped ship 1Password across multiple platforms, scaled the design and research team, launched the business product now used by over 100,000 businesses.

Out of hours Matt salvages badly risen bakes, has a fleeting cycling hobby, runs a morning radio show and is always agreeable to a cup of tea and a biscuit. He grew up around the fine city of Norwich, England which although popular in the 1400s is now considered quiet.

Matt Davey

About the talk

Designing direction

- Barbican Centre

You've scaled your team and now your new leaders are looking to you for the grand plan. They're awaiting the strategy that helps them strike a delicate balance between competing concerns. They're relying on you for direction that motivates and fosters a positive culture. Where do you even start to balance all this and still find time to sleep?

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