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Ovetta Sampson

Ovetta Sampson is a tech industry professional who strives to amplify the beauty of humanity with design while avoiding practices that exploit its fragility. She has more than a decade of experience, working in multiple industries to innovate with various technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence, IoT, AR/VR. She’s spent more than a decade designing and creating enterprise software solutions for companies all over the globe.

Having led several multidisciplinary teams and organizations at global companies such as IDEO, Microsoft and Google, Ovetta’s sweet spot is taking the deep expertise of engineering, product management and design and creating transdisciplinary practices, policies and teams that produce better, more human-centered products, platforms and services. She has a background in journalism, psychology, history and anthropology and, of course, equity and social justice and uses this foundation in her design practice. She currently is the Director of UX, Core ML at Google LLC.

Combining her M.S. in Computer Science (HCI) with her BA in Communications, Ovetta spends most of her time helping people visualize humanity’s future and how to ethically and with compassion serve people through digital and intelligent products, platforms and services. When she’s not working or teaching graduate school at DePaul University, she’s swimming, biking and running in exotic locales, and occasionally, doing these races called Ironmans.

In addition to her talk Ovetta will be hosting a themed lunch table on Wednesday 8 Nov. To join this conversation please sign up at the registration desk.

Ovetta Sampson

About the talk

Designing design leadership for an automated future

- Barbican Centre

What might design leadership look like in the future?

What impact might artificial intelligence and machine learning have in terms of craft, ethics and teams?

As Director of User Experience Machine Learning at Google these are questions that Ovetta is exploring.Drawing on her experience of leading several multidisciplinary teams and organizations at global companies such as IDEO, Microsoft and Capital One, Ovetta will share her experience of building and leading design teams, and her considerations of what will be required for future success.

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