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Teak Tse

Teak Tse is Director of Design Systems & Operations at Sky, supporting product design teams that look after Sky Glass, Sky News, Sky Sports and NOW.

From Hong Kong to London, Teak has designed product experiences at Orange, BBC and Skype, to name a few, and observed how different teams use design as a catalyst to bring different functions together to deliver great experiences; the question is, what parts are repeatable & reusable.

Teak Tse

About the talk

Amplifying design, reducing friction, easing the pressure

- Barbican Centre

In the evolving landscape of modern organisations, design teams face increasing challenges. The demand on these teams to craft exceptional product experiences continues to rise. Designers are expected to wear many hats, no longer just creators of aesthetics; they play a pivotal role in enhancing culture, collaboration, design practices, and innovation.

This talk explores the friction & pressure caused by the shifting tides of design maturity and looks at some of the practical strategies for uniting design teams, fostering cross-functional collaboration, and, most importantly, nurturing the well-being of team members. Additionally, we'll delve into how design operations, helps ease these transitions.

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