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Temi Adeniyi

Temi is a product design leader at Instagram. In a career spanning over 12 years, her work has run the gamut from design in advertising and tech to building and leading award-winning design teams.

Temi Adeniyi

About the talk

Put your own mask on first

- Barbican Centre
As leaders, we've had to navigate some tough times lately. The past few years have been…a lot. From 'unprecedented times' to 'macroeconomic headwinds,' we've had to show up and care for our teams through global shifts that brought stress and uncertainty. But amidst all this, let me ask you, how are you doing, really?
As we support our teams through all these events, a crucial question has been on my mind: how can we authentically care for our teams if we're at our limits? Leading effectively and the ability to show up genuinely feels harder when you're weighed down by everything that's happening too. What does it look like for us to put our own oxygen masks on first, so we can be there for our teams when they need us most?

In this talk, Temi will share her personal experiences leading through these times, her thoughts on self-care in leadership, and why she believes that expanding our definition of what it looks like to show care for our people, is an important step in leading healthy, resilient teams.

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