Timothy Bardlavens

Timothy Bardlavens is chaotic good in its purest form. He is a Gay, Black man from the Carolinas, a highly regarded social intrapreneur, and an advocate for equity in technology and design. He is a Product Executive, Cultural Strategist, Diversity, Equity, and Justice expert, Co-Founder, Writer, and International Speaker and Facilitator.

For more than a decade, Timothy has dedicated his career to dismantling systemic barriers, building and scaling teams, and launching innovative digital products for companies like Microsoft, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Adobe. As an accomplished product leader and strategist, he has been at the forefront of delivering more useful, impactful, and equitable experiences for billions of people globally.

Timothy’s extensive experience and deep understanding of the intersection between technology, design, and social impact make him an exceptional guide in our collective journey toward creating a more equitable and inclusive future.

Timothy Bardlavens

About the talk

Equitable leadership: Paving the way for the future of business

- Barbican Centre

Talk description coming soon

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