Dianne Que

Dianne (she/her) is a people-centered, design-minded, and process-oriented DesignOps leader. Her professional roots are in non-profit arts and media, do-goodey creative agencies, and most recently, service and product design organizations at Capital One, Pandora, and Zendesk.

As the Head of Product Design Operations at Zendesk, she leads a team that defines and refines how design teams work together, get work done, and create impact. She is fiercely committed to creating radically inclusive teams, kicking down doors, and centering the voices of BIPOC and underrepresented folks in tech.

Dianne Que

About the talk

“I got you”: A Meditation on Radical Inclusion

- Florence Gould Hall

In 2022, all leaders have a responsibility and a role to play in the movement toward equity and justice. In this talk, Dianne will candidly share some of the experiences and lessons that have shaped who she is as a design leader and how she shows up for teams and communities.

This talk is an invitation to:

  • Reflect on the ways in which we cause harm as leaders
  • Identify our “why” and find our place in the movement toward social justice
  • Recognize opportunities to disrupt the status quo
  • Learn foundational principles for sustaining an inclusive leadership practice

Q&A Panel

- Florence Gould Hall

Q&A with Dianne and Samantha

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