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Andrea Barbarin

Andrea is a user researcher experienced in collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to understand users’ experiences with data-driven technologies. She leads the Insights + Enablement Team in IBM’s Client Insights and Research organization. Her multidisciplinary team develops and scales tools that aggregate, synthesize, and visualize client data and insights to be shared across IBM. She has experience with and a passion for the ethical, equitable, and human-centered design of emerging technologies. As a licensed and experienced attorney (International Telecommunications) with a PhD in Information (Human-Computer Interaction), she is interested in the intersection between policy/regulation and information technology.

Andrea Barbarin

About the talk

In conversation: Balancing leadership careers with caregiving

- SFJAZZ Center

A lot of attention has, rightly, been given to supporting parents to be able to juggle parental responsibilities with having fulfilling careers. But there is another, growing group of caregivers we need to consider: those caring for ageing family members. This type of caregiving comes with its own requirements that are distinctive in many ways from child care responsibilities.

As distributed family models become more popular the ability to juggle carer responsibilities for elderly relatives with the demands of our leadership roles becomes more difficult.

How do we make the space to prioritise the needs of our family with the needs of our teams and organisations?

Is it possible to make space for ourselves amidst all the requirements of our time?

How do workplaces and employers can support people in these roles?

We will be joined by a group of design leaders who will share their personal experiences of trying to find this balance and how we can support each other along the way.

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