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Andrea Mignolo

Andrea (aka Andi) is an American designer, writer, and seeker interested in complexity, deep imagination, emergence, and learning. By day she is an executive coach working with unconventional leaders and teams. By night she is the President of Interaction Design Association serving on the Global Board of Directors. In the liminal hours she spends time with her experimental ontological design studio P N T S . U S.

Prior to coaching, Andi was a design and product executive at a number of start-ups, an English teacher at the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, and developed the once-popular Oulipo Wordpress Theme.

Andrea Mignolo

About the talk

It's okay to be the boss!

- SFJAZZ Center

By nature designers thrive in the realm of collaboration and connectedness, generating feelings of mutual identification and empathy with others. As individual contributors this is a wonderful strength, but when designers step into leadership positions with new levels of accountability, collaboration is no longer enough. At this level it is important for leaders to understand and utilize hierarchical power.

This talk explores the relationship between being strategic and being connected, helps leaders to understand when to step into their power as a decision maker and when to invite more connectedness, and how to see the two as mutually interrelated. When both are skillfully deployed, teams generate trust, unlock creativity, and drive outcomes.

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