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Andy Vitale

Andy Vitale is the Executive Vice President of Design at Rocket Companies, the US's #1 mortgage lender, where he leads a team focused on transforming the mortgage lending experience for millions of people who want to buy or refinance a home, as well as professional partners across the lending and real estate spectrum.

Throughout his career, Andy has built, scaled and led world-class design teams that elevate the role of design as an organisational competence and a competitive advantage. His experience ranges from startups to Fortune 500 companies spanning the fintech, health, technology and eCommerce industries. Andy inspires and empowers teams to solve problems with a human-centred approach and create meaningful products and experiences that drive successful outcomes.

Andy Vitale

About the talk

Advancing design through inspirational & fearless leadership

- SFJAZZ Center

Advancing design and leading through change requires strong and inspirational leadership. Leaders need to be fearless in navigating the business and elevating the conversation in relation to design. This requires a leader who can speak the language of the business and can leverage design to solve organisational problems, not just design problems. It's about modeling and championing design inside and outside of the organisation, while making tough calls along the way, to elevate the design practice.

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