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Courtney Kaplan

Join Courtney's hosted lunch table: Leading with empathy while managing stress

When times are difficult, how can you lead with empathy and honesty while managing your own stress and uncertainty? Courtney will invite participants to explore strategies for creating resilience in their teams, for fostering empathy and for managing personal stress as a people leader.

To join this lunch table on Tuesday 7 February please sign up at the registration desk.

About Courtney
As founder of Iconic Leadership Coaching, Courtney offers transformational coaching for the design-minded. She helps clients to develop authentic leadership by building trust through better communication and building influence through stronger relationships. Courtney teaches and leads team workshops in addition to her 1:1 coaching. Her work is based on 20 years of leadership in design and technology.

Prior, Courtney founded the Design Operations discipline at Facebook in 2013. As one of the first, her Design Ops team was responsible for rapidly scaling the product design team as well as launching initiatives to drive stronger organizations and better products. Before Facebook, Courtney was a principal at Hot Studio, a full service experience design company with over 80 employees in New York and San Francisco. Clients ranged from fortune 500 companies to community organizations.

Courtney studies with Newfield Network, Strozzi Institute, Institute for Generative Leadership and is committed to being a lifelong learner.

Courtney Kaplan

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