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Jeremy Keith

Meet you host for Leading Design San Francisco 2023!

Jeremy made his first website for a band he was playing with in Germany in 1997. He founded Clearleft with Andy Budd and Richard Rutter in 2005.

Before co-founding Clearleft, Jeremy was a freelancer front-end developer, working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Jeremy acts as the Research and Development wing of Clearleft; investigating new technologies, trying out new techniques, and keeping abreast of the ever-changing world of web development.

Jeremy curates Clearleft's flagship event UX London aimed at UX practitioners, and he hosts the Clearleft podcast.

Jeremy is a respected voice within the industry, having spoken at notable conferences including An Event Apart, Mobilism, Web Directions, Smashing Conference, and Beyond Tellerrand. He has also written articles for A List Apart and written books on JavaScript, HTML5 and progressive web apps.

Jeremy Keith

About the talk


- SFJAZZ Center

Welcome to Leading Design San Francisco 2023 with your host Jeremy Keith and our curator Rebecca Groves.

In conversation: People-centred leadership in tough times

- SFJAZZ Center

As a design leader, you will experience many highs and lows. Audrey joins us for a timely conversation about the human-centered approach she has learned to take with one of the lowest moments for any leader—having to lead an organization through a layoff.

Welcome to day two

- SFJAZZ Center

Talk details coming soon.

In conversation: Adaptive leadership

- SFJAZZ Center

Leadership is rarely easy. It is often the role of the leader to steady the ship, to help provide clarity in times of uncertainty. But how do we adapt to these changes? How do you stay resilient along the way?

Katie joins us for a conversation about adapting to changing landscapes based on experiences of...

  • Switching modes from rapid hiring to reducing team size and hyper-prioritisation.
  • Merging marketing creative and product design to build coherency to the customer journey.
  • Leading organisations through different stages of maturity from startups, to pre-IPO and beyond.

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