Leslie Yang

Join Leslie's hosted lunch table: Leading with less

With layoffs and a possible recession, how do we lead gracefully with less of everything: team members, energy, motivation, experience, capacity and more?

We’ve all had to make do with less. Let's talk together about how to lead with less and still feel proud of what we've been able to accomplish.

To join this lunch table on Wednesday 8 February please sign up at the registration desk.

About Leslie

Leslie is an experienced product design leader working at the intersection of user value and business impact. As a Senior Design Manager at Lyft and head of design for Lyft Business and Payments, her team operates at the intersection of design for riders, drivers and businesses. Prior to Lyft, she led product design for enterprise at OpenTable and taught product discovery and designed products from 0 to 1 with clients at Pivotal Labs.

Leslie Yang

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