Peter Merholz

Join Peter's hosted lunch table: Design Leadership as change management

Peter has spoken with a number of successful Chief Design Officers, and uncovered that they all approach their job as agents of change. In this conversation, we'll dig into how you can adopt a change management mindset and approach (setting vision; building a portfolio; establishing relationships; communicating with intent; maintaining perspective) to realise greater impact.

To join this lunch table on Tuesday 7 February please sign up at the registration desk.

About Peter
Peter Merholz has worked at the intersection of design, technology, and humans for over 25 years. Currently, he’s an independent consultant focused on improving the effectiveness of design organizations. His clients include JP Morgan Chase, Ceridian, The New York Times, Roblox, and Starbucks.

He co-founded Adaptive Path, the premier user experience consultancy, acquired by Capital One in 2014. After leaving Adaptive Path, he served as a design executive, leading teams at Groupon, OpenTable, Capital One, Snagajob, and Kaiser Permanente.

He co-wrote Org Design for Design Orgs, still the premier book on building in-house design teams, and co-hosts Finding Our Way, a podcast exploring design leadership.

Oh, and yeah, he coined the word 'blog'.

Peter Merholz

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