Scott Hines

Educated as an architect and engineer, Scott has led UX, product, creative, and marketing design to connect billions of people around the world with one another, and over 200 million global brands and businesses for organisations such as for PayPal, Meta, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google, Google Pay, YouTube, Amazon, Kindle and many more. He has also led design for early, mid, and late stage startups contributing to multiple IPOs through customer-centric innovation.

Scott Hines

About the talk

Leading yourself

- SFJAZZ Center

New and established design leaders face continuously evolving challenges as they lead design through challenges such as complexity, competition, conflict, and, at times, even chaos. The focus on leading yourself while you drive transformation for your customer communities has never been more important.

In this talk, Scott will share ideas and tips from his journey leading global design organizations for some of the world's most innovative companies.

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