Alastair Simpson

VP Design, Dropbox

Alastair is a design leader and mentor. He loves working with multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex business and interaction design challenges. He is currently VP Design at Dropbox, where he leads the Brand, Product Design, Research and UX Writing teams. Previously, he led the product design organisation across a portfolio of Atlassian’s largest Cloud Products and Platforms and helped scale the design team from 20 to over 200. Alastair also owns a rather large sneaker collection.

Alastair Simpson

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Real Talk About Design Leadership

Many designers aspire to move into leadership positions at some point in their careers. They want to become a fearless design leader without a clear understanding of what it's all about. What is it really like to be a design leader? Time for real talk!

Q&A with Alastair Simpson

Andy will take your questions for Alastair.


Empathetic Leadership

Design leadership is a tough job. You juggle hitting business goals, addressing customer needs, setting vision and strategy, along with a myriad of human needs that come with the job. How do you know what to prioritize and invest your energy into when all factors are arguably important? I’m a firm believer in the designing your people and practices first so the rest can follow. But how do you do that in one of the world's fastest moving industries? Let’s talk about how to develop your ability to be an empathetic people-centered leader.

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