Audrey Liu

Executive Vice President, Head of Design, Lyft

Audrey is the Head of Design at Lyft where she leads a cross-disciplinary team to craft the end-to-end experiences for all users across Lyft’s digital and hardware products. As a design leader, Audrey has experience building and scaling design teams from the ground up, pivoting design and product strategies to deliver more value for users, helping teams and Fortune 100 companies create transformational experiences.

Prior to Lyft, Audrey was also Head of Design at Thumbtack and was a Managing Creative Director at SYPartners, where she led the design of SYP’s self-branded product business, designed SYP's very first consumer digital product, Unstuck, and crafted products and strategies for clients such as Oprah, Kiva, and Starbucks. Audrey has taught at CCA and Art Center College of Design.

When she isn’t busy working on products and building teams, she’s being a mom, making things, and often outdoors.

Audrey Liu

Speaking at The Rest of the Fest

Drowning in Uncertainty: Leading Through Unprecedented Times

From a global pandemic to an economic rollercoaster to a society embroiled in unrest, 2020 packed a punch. It also packed roughly 10 years of leadership lessons into a matter of months. Audrey will talk through those lessons and reflect on what it means to lead through extreme uncertainty in an industry that was one of the hardest hit by COVID.

Q&A with Audrey Liu and Lola Oyelayo Pearson

Andy will take your questions for Audrey and Lola.

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