Donna Lichaw

Leadership and Executive Coach, Speaker, Author

Donna Lichaw is a leadership and executive coach, speaker, author, and tin robot collector serving leaders in the product, design, and tech community at large. Her mission is to help leaders who don’t fit traditional models of leadership in tech—especially women, LGBTQ+, and underrepresented folks—use the skills they already have to unlock their superpowers and make a greater impact at work and in the world. Whether she is working with changemakers at storied tech companies like Twitter, Disney, and Google or with innovators at progressive nonprofits like WNYC and Central Park Concervancy, she helps leaders, their teams, and organizations find their story and bring their best story to life.

Donna Lichaw


Maximize Your Impact With Story Driven Leadership

What do great leaders have in common with superheroes from fictional comic books and movies? They have a clear idea of the impact they want to make on the world and the courage, curiosity, superpowers, and Kryptonite (this is a key ingredient, I promise) needed to make it all happen. All of that is a story—your story, your journey. It’s one that you tell and, more importantly, one that you can design with deliberate care and intent. The better the story, the better the results for you, your team, and your organization.

In this hands-on, interactive masterclass you’ll learn how to map your journey as a leader so that you can make the impact that you want to make—using design thinking, lean, and agile skills that you already have. You’ll leave with a vision of where you, your team, and your organization are going as well a plan of action that you can implement right away—in a style that feels powerful and authentic to you. And that’s a good story.

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