Frank Yoo

VP of Design & Research, Coinbase

Frank is the VP of Design & Research at Coinbase. He oversees teams responsible for the full portfolio of products across retail, institutional, and platform products as well as design systems, brand, and UX research initiatives. In his last role, he was head of UX for communication products at Google Workspace; and prior to that, Head of Design at Lyft as an original team member, where he built the design and research practice and every version of the product through 2018.

Beyond the workplace, he’s a husband, a dad to two hilarious girls, and principal frisbee-thrower for Arial, the family Boston terrier.

Frank Yoo

Speaking at The Rest of the Fest

2nd Gen

Everyone has a personal history. Formative struggles and the happier times alike mold and teach us how to navigate our day-to-day. As a California-born Korean kid, Frank will talk about his experience as a second generation American, and how early questions of assimilation and identity shaped his career and perspective on effective teams and leadership.

Q&A with Frank Yoo

Andy will take your questions for Frank.

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