Jane Austin

Chief Design Officer, Flo Health Inc.

Jane is an award-winning designer and has spoken and given keynotes at conferences all over the world (she once flew to Chile for the weekend to do a talk - ask her about the earthquake). She currently works as Chief Design Officer at Flo Health Inc, an AI-powered women’s health mobile product with more than 36M monthly active users worldwide.

Previously the Director of Product Design at Babylon Health, and before that Director of Design and UX at MOO, Jane loves building high performing design teams and leading digital transformations. Prior to MOO she grew the team at The Telegraph from one to twenty, and led the redesign of the website and several apps, worked at GDS (home of gov.uk), in an online trading firm, in start-ups and in agencies.

Jane Austin

Speaking at The Conference

The Three Ages Of Leadership

In the words of Cap Watkins: “Congratulations. You got promoted – now prepare to suck at a completely different job.”

This is exactly what happened to Jane multiple times in her twenty year career. She has gone from being a designer, to leading a few people, to leading a team, and now as a director, leading multiple teams. The transitions to each of these three stages of leadership were tough, and painful, and yes, she sucked every time she got promoted into a new stage of leadership. In this talk Jane shares her experiences of each transition and talks about the mistakes she made and the lessons she learned, and gives you hard won advice so that when you get promoted you won’t suck at all.

Q&A with Jane Austin

Andy will take your questions for Jane.

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