Katie Dill

Head of Design, Stripe

A design executive with a history of building outstanding teams, fostering a customer-focused culture of excellence, and delivering impactful products.

Katie’s experience spans industrial, service, and digital design, as well as user research and business strategy. Katie is passionate about building meaningful customer experiences through the thoughtful coordination of every touchpoint. She understands great things come from great teams and has spent her career building renowned design organisations.

Katie is an active writer and speaker on design leadership and innovation. She was named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business (2017), Business Insiders’ 10 People Transforming Technology (2019) and Girls in Tech’s “Creator of the Year” (2019).

Katie Dill

Speaking at The Rest of the Fest

Design's Seat At The Table: Use It Or Lose It

Design's reputation has come a long way from ""window dressing"" to being recognized as an essential strategic lever. Designers are now in the boardroom, are members of the executive team, and are being included at every stage of product development.

However, has our contribution in these forums born the fruit we know it can? Did we get what we wanted and are now taking it for granted? Designers have the opportunity to transform the way businesses work to ensure creativity, empathy and innovation thrive. But this sort of impact requires more than getting a seat at the table.

This talk will examine how far we've come and what it will take for us to deliver outstanding value in the next era of design. Leveraging our design skills, we have the opportunity to become instrumental in building the next generation of business.

Q&A with Katie Dill

Andy will take your questions for Katie.

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