Katie Dill

Head of Design, Stripe

Katie Dill is the Head of Design at Stripe where she and her team are working to increase the GDP of the internet and broaden access to economic opportunity across the globe. Katie oversees Product Design, Brand and Marketing Creative, Web Presence, UXResearch, UXWriting and Design Ops. Prior to joining Stripe, Katie was Head of Design at Lyft. As a member of the executive team Katie helped Lyft stay user-centered while growing the organization threefold, going public, and expanding into new categories like bikes, scooters, and public transportation.

Katie was also Director of Experience Design at Airbnb. There she led her team in successfully launching a company rebrand, scaling from 10 to 100, and establishing studios worldwide. Prior to that, Katie was a Partner at Greenstart Ventures, Creative Director at Frog Design, and an instructor in CCA’s grad design program.

Katie has been named one of Business Insiders’ 10 People Transforming Technology as well as one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, and received the Girls in Tech “Creator of the Year” award. She’s also been a juror at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and Fast Company's Innovation by Design Awards.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial design from Art Center College of Design, as well as a bachelor’s degree in history from Colgate University.

Katie Dill

Speaking at The Rest of the Fest

Design's Seat At The Table: Use It Or Lose It

Design's reputation has come a long way from ""window dressing"" to being recognized as an essential strategic lever. Designers are now in the boardroom, are members of the executive team, and are being included at every stage of product development.

However, has our contribution in these forums born the fruit we know it can? Did we get what we wanted and are now taking it for granted? Designers have the opportunity to transform the way businesses work to ensure creativity, empathy and innovation thrive. But this sort of impact requires more than getting a seat at the table.

This talk will examine how far we've come and what it will take for us to deliver outstanding value in the next era of design. Leveraging our design skills, we have the opportunity to become instrumental in building the next generation of business.

Q&A with Katie Dill

Andy will take your questions for Katie.

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