Michael Yap

Senior Staff Designer, Etsy

Michael Yap is a designer, developer, and educator. He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Interaction Design and has worked with design and innovation consultancies like IDEO. He is currently a Senior Staff Designer at Etsy where he has led the Product Design team and helped establish its UX Research and Strategy & Operations teams.

He’s taught design at the California College of the Arts and the School of Visual Arts. He is a ‘20 Webby Awards winner and his work is published in Raw Data (2014) and has been covered by a number of publications including Fast Company, Site Inspire, and Wired.

Michael Yap

Speaking at The Conference

Mostly Clear, Partly Sunny: Creating the Conditions for Design to Flourish

What are the ideal conditions for contemporary product design to thrive? How can design leaders create them? In this wide-ranging talk, hear Michael Yap share his career path and recent experiences as Etsy’s Interim Head of Product Design by shaping the conditions for design to flourish. He’ll identify the most dangerous pitfalls for new leaders to avoid and offer a practical framework for optimizing design organizations. And share some of the work he now leads to help scale and advance the organization as Senior Staff.

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