Mike Davidson

Vice President, InVision

Mike Davidson is Vice President of Partnerships & Community at InVision. Before joining InVision, he spent three years leading Twitter's Design team. Mike has also worked in design leadership roles at NBCNews, ESPN, Disney, as well as founding his own company, Newsvine, which was acquired by NBC. Mike earned a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington and studied Creative Advertising and Management at the University of Oxford.

Mike Davidson

Speaking at The Rest of the Fest

Leveling Up — Creating Fair & Achievable Career Paths for your Team

As designers, we aren't always in full control of the outcomes of our work. Sometimes we find ourselves on successful projects with fantastic engineers and product managers. Other times, we deal with more complex situations involving difficult teammates, impossible deadlines, and other challenges which obscure the quality of our efforts. As leaders of design orgs, how do we best control for this variability, ensuring designers move up in the company based on how they work as opposed to what objective outcomes may be assigned — rightfully or wrongfully — to them? In this talk, we'll walk through how to create an evaluation process for your org that respects all of the nuances of working in a complex, cross-functional organization.

Q&A with Mike Davidson

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