Noah Levin

Design Director, Figma

Noah Levin is the Design Director at Figma. His job includes a variety of things, like attracting and retaining talented designers, setting and sharing context, providing actionable feedback, and helping facilitate a healthy environment for design in the company. Before Figma he led design teams at ClassPass and Google, taught designers to code as an advisor at Framer, and built a cuff-mounted digital assistant for astronauts at NASA. He studied Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon and is originally from Pittsburgh.

Noah Levin

Speaking at The Conference

Building The Figma Design Team

In this talk Noah Levin will share his experience and philosophy of creating, growing and nurturing the Figma Design team. He’ll explain some of the key rituals they put in place as a team, share tools for onboarding and maintaining a culture of learning, and give insights from some mistakes made along the way.

Q&A with Noah Levin

Andy will take your questions for Noah.

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