Sana Rao

VP of Product & Design, Peanut

Sana has built her career on refusing to accept the status quo. She currently works as the VP of Product & Design at Peanut, a social network for connecting women. Previously she has led design, content and research at Deliveroo. Before that she was at Twitter, where she led design for live video, online identity and international markets.

Sana is a big believer in creating and cultivating inclusive communities and – despite all evidence – still has faith in building a more equitable internet. When not thinking about the future of connection, she is a poet and editor at Found Poems, a curated newsletter for poetry.

Sana Rao

Speaking at The Rest of the Fest

The Internet (And The Companies That Design It) Needs More Safe Spaces

As the future of work and social interaction changes, a new era is upon us. One that comes with huge opportunities to re-design teams, cultures and products from the lense of the collective. By following Feminine principles we can create inclusive, safe environments that provide ample psychological oxygen, and ensure both individuals and communities can thrive.

Q&A with Andrea Ong and Sana Rao

Andy will take your questions for Andrea and Sana.

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