Temi Adeniyi

Product Design Manager, Instagram

Temi is a product design leader at Instagram. In a career spanning over 12 years, her work has run the gamut from design in advertising and tech to building and leading award-winning design teams.

Temi Adeniyi

Speaking at The Conference

Design Leadership For Imposters

Over the years, you worked hard to become a great designer — you practised your craft, honed your skills and finally put those imposter syndrome days behind you. Now, with your experience in tow, you've taken the step into leadership. But yet you find yourself wondering: ""Wait. Have I got this right?"" and asking ""what the hell am I even doing here?"".

For anyone new to leading a design team and feeling like an imposter: you're not alone. In this session, I'll share my personal journey with impostor syndrome in leadership, and thoughts on how to move from feeling like you're faking it to finding your voice as a leader.

Q&A with D. Keith Robinson and Temi Adeniyi

Andy will take your questions for D. Keith and Temi.

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