Tutti Taygerly

Leadership coach & author, Taygerly Labs

Tutti coaches cofounders and tech leaders to embrace their unique leadership style to achieve professional impact and a sustainable company culture. She focuses on working with women, people of color, and immigrants. Previously she was a design leader at design firms, startups, and large companies including Disney and Facebook. Tutti writes for Harvard Business Review, Business Insider, and Fast Company and her book Make Space to Lead shows high achievers how to reframe our relationship to work.

Tutti grew up in seven countries on three continents and is settled in San Francisco as her home base. She spends her time parenting two spirited girls, obsessively reading, and paddling out for the next wave.

Tutti Taygerly


How To Work with Difficult People

We all know difficult people. It might be that cross-functional peer, that boss you never fully aligned with, or the under-performer on your team who sucked up way too much of your energy. And occasionally we might find ourselves to be the difficult person. As designers and researchers, we know the value of listening to our users and empathizing with their needs. As creators, we know the value of curiosity. As communicators, we know the value of relationships.

In this masterclass, we will learn and apply 5 leadership principles on all the difficult people you might encounter. Through interactive exercises, attendees will practice these principles. Individuals will have the opportunity to share their own stories to receive feedback and coaching.

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How to Work with Difficult People… When You’re the Difficult Person

Are you passionate, strongly opinionated, and competitive? Do you have high expectations of yourself and others? Have you received feedback about your delivery and communication style? If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you may self-identify as a difficult person.

In this masterclass, we will work on three concepts to better understand and celebrate your leadership as a difficult person. We will celebrate the strengths that are at the core of your leadership and how to find your people to amplify these strengths. We will focus on the relationships around you. And finally, we will play with expanding your range to work well with people who consider you difficult.

Our time is structured as a deep dive into concepts, opportunity for personal introspection, and a facilitated conversation between difficult leaders.

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