Cap Watkins

Cap Watkins is the CXO at Primary, where he's responsible for Engineering/Design/Product, Creative, and People (oh my!).

In the recent past, he was a professional leadership coach and organizational consultant at his company Practical Works, helping senior contributors, first-time managers and managers-of-managers grow and evolve in their roles.

Before that, he was the VP of Design at BuzzFeed, where he managed Product Design, and also did various stints managing Brand Design, the IT Department and Branded Content Operations.

Prior to BuzzFeed, Cap worked with design teams at Etsy and Amazon, and was the first designer at a handful of startups that didn’t quite make it. He believes in cross-functional, collaborative teams who share goals and accountability across disciplines.

Cap Watkins

About the talk

600 One-to-Ones

As a leadership coach, I've completed approximately 600 one-on-ones with designers and design leaders, as well as their counterparts in engineering and product management. Whenever I take on a new client, they consistently ask me about the common threads, the struggles we all face across various levels of leadership. In this talk, I'll dig into what I've learned over the past year of coaching designers and leaders, as well as how to thoughtfully approach the challenges we all universally face.

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