Jacqui Frey

Jacqui is the Sr. Director of Design Operations at MailChimp, where she launched the Design Ops group that oversees design programs, production management, and department operations. In previous roles, she led various sales ops, marketing ops, in-house design studios, and learning and development programs in a variety of industries from tech to apparel. She resides in Atlanta with her husband and two sons.

Jacqui Frey

About the talk

Scale is a Social Science

Ask any design leader and the word scale is most definitely a part of their job description. In this talk, I'll share my successes and failures with scaling design through DesignOps. The act of sheer determination only got me so far in my attempts to scale design. Scale requires something greater in order to navigate an organisation through change. It requires the power of the community. Social sciences like social theory, flow, chaos theory, and Adlerian psychology reveal key understandings to ensure impactful co-existing in large communities, especially those who require intentional social change. And if there is one thing you can count on in Design, it is change.

About the workshop

Design Operations and Program Management

Design leaders face the challenges of balancing design craft and quality, people management, and cross functional alignment all while managing the priorities of the business at the pace of not just their industry, but their customer expectations and competition. Keeping track of everything can be chaotic and an all-encompassing job.

Design Operations is a growing practice within scaled design organizations that helps identify patterns in the chaos, address these challenges, and build an effective and efficient design organization. With Jacqui Frey, Mailchimp’s Sr. Director of Design Operations, you’ll apply a systems thinking framework to solve scaled operations for your growing design team. Whether you are a team of one or responsible for a large design practice, this workshop will help you identify the critical ops to more effectively achieve your design org’s strategy.

The workshop is for design leaders and managers who are:

  • Struggling to scale the operations of their teams
  • Looking to make teams operate more efficiently
  • Creating and growing the DesignOps discipline in their design organization

Key Takeaways

  • You’ll learn the key thematic macro Design Operations program and how to manage
  • You’ll map the interdependent components of your design operations
  • You’ll identify your specific design operations needs and systems for creating blueprints and a DesignOps roadmaps

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