Nick Marsh

Nick Marsh is a product manager and designer based in London. He runs the product and design team at Wonderbly, the worlds leading personalised publisher, where he helps artists, writers, designers and more create unique books and experiences that inspire kids to believe anything is possible.

Before Wonderbly he worked in design consultancy on projects for big brands and small startups as well as successfully failing as an entrepreneur with his own digital products multiple times. He went to Goldsmiths University where he studied Design and still lives in South London with his wife and daughters.

Nick Marsh

About the talk

Leading design from top to bottom

In 2016 Wonderbly was the UK’s fastest growing technology company, VC backed and totally focused on top line growth, with a rapidly expanding multi-disciplinary design organisation to match. Just two years later, in pursuit of longer term sustainability, they pulled off an abrupt U turn to focus on profitability and the bottom line. This shift forced them to question everything about how they organised design and creativity - they had to do more with less across every front - but they survived and now have a stronger team than ever operating a business with a long term future.

In this talk Nick will explore some of the practical lessons he learned from their pretty extreme pivot. He will help other creative leaders who are planning for this shift or who are simply trying to do more with less in their design organisations.

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