Ryan Freitas

Ryan is a Director of Product Design at Facebook, leading a team of designers, digital artists and creative coders within the Feed and Stories team. He previously served as Uber's first Product Design Director of the Rider and Driver teams, and is the co-founder and former Head of Product of about.me. He advises and invests in small companies building compelling human experiences, and remains active as a speaker within the product design community.

Ryan Freitas

About the talk

Building Without Regret

Ryan Freitas moved from building his own company (about.me) to leading product design teams within Uber and now Facebook; along the way, he learned a thing or two about working with products and teams under public scrutiny. He's firm in his belief that nothing changes for the better unless principled people chose to work on the hardest problems, and has sought to empower teams to address the issues that impact their users around the world. Using personal stories about what he’s seen and some difficult choices made, Ryan will discuss what he believes it takes to build and run successful design teams in some of the most challenging environments.

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