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Aleks Melnikova

Aleks is an Experience Design Director on a mission to make a positive difference in the world.

Over the past 15 years, she has led design teams across London-based UX/product design agencies such as ORM, Foolproof, BIO, Radley, Yeldar, Publicis Groupe, Poke and Inviqa. She has delivered successful products and services for a variety of clients in travel, finance, real estate, and healthcare, as well as internal audiences.

She’s an advocate for inclusion and diversity in the most active way – by coming up with (and building) tools and services that open up participation to people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

The tools she has designed and launched have helped people and teams find books for kids with diverse representation, understand how to work with dyslexia, generate inclusive design scenarios, find inclusive imagery and content and make research activities inclusive.

Aleks Melnikova

About the talk

Finding yourself in times of shifting landscapes

- Barbican Centre

Mergers, so many of us lived them, and so many of us can relate. One company acquires another company and you, in the middle, thinking of what's next. Change, especially when not occurring by own choice, is so difficult to embrace. In her talk, Aleks will touch on the main lessons of the mergers [as she has experienced four of them]: systematic, honest, and constructive lessons. When to let go, what to focus on, how to retain integrity, and how to find happiness in change and change in self.

Spoiler - the talk may heavily reference philosophy, from Aristotle to Laozi.

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