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Dana Bright

Dana is a Design Lead & Manager with 15 years of experience in the space. She’s currently leading product design for the Connections pillar @ Instagram, improving access and helping people to connect to the people and things they love on Instagram, focusing on Growth, Graph, and 0-1 incubation teams.

Previously she led design for 0-1 incubation teams for Entertainment, Music & Audio @ Facebook, Rider Verticals Experiences at Airports, Travel and Premium @ Uber, and Driving Experiences in Google Maps, Google Street View & Cardboard Camera VR App, voted one of “Best Apps of 2015” by Mashable.

She’s excited about where technology and design meet to improve people's lives, supporting designers in their growth and help teams push on vision and bring people together.

Dana Bright

About the talk

Building team culture & XFN partnerships in a remote world

- Barbican Centre

With the impact of COVID-19, remote work model is something a lot of us switched to over the last 2+ years and in many cases is here to stay. Building a team culture, connections, collaboration, and a sense of belonging in a remote world is more important than ever and requires attention to building processes that came more naturally before.

In this session Dana will share some of the challenges and best practices that have worked well for her and her peer teams at Instagram and Meta.

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