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Holly Habstritt Gaal

As a design leader focused on ethical and mission driven initiatives, Holly applies experience across engineering, design, research and open source to make the web a safer place and tech more inclusive.

Holly is currently Director, Design at DuckDuckGo, where she focuses on product growth and scaling the Design practice, with a mission to empower people to take control of their own information and show the world that protecting privacy is simple.

Her experience has led her to working with the Mozilla Foundation and its community around the world, growing large scale teams at Booking.com, investing in women founders, and contributing to initiatives like Smashing Magazine’s Ethical Design Handbook.

Holly Habstritt Gaal

About the talk

An unlikely path to finding purpose through ethical leadership

- Barbican Centre

Designers often find themselves at a fork in the road between ethical design and design that’s good for business. We’re often alone in the room fighting for the user, which can not only be challenging, but leave the role feeling misunderstood. Making tradeoffs they don’t feel comfortable with can make it difficult to feel as though they’re making the impact they’re capable of and result in Designers on your team seeking purpose elsewhere.

This talk will provide new tools to navigate these challenges and leave designers empowered to make an impact and have purpose in their role.

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