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Iram Mirza

California-based Iram is a builder of products, teams and cultures. She has led multidisciplinary teams to adopt design thinking and UX strategy in organisations as diverse as Google, Citrix, PayPal and 23&Me. She currently leads the Shopping UX team at YouTube.

A passionate advocate for STEAM education, Iram is on the board of a game-based calculus learning start-up. This, and all of her work is underpinned by an unshakable belief in organisational design that leads to happiness.

Iram Mirza

About the talk

Crafting a north star vision while building a UX team from scratch

- Barbican Centre

In 2021, YouTube set up a new business and product area focused on Shopping, and Iram was brought on to hire and lead the design team. Despite being an early stage start-up the team sit within a scaled, mature entity.

Iram will share joys and challenges of talent acquisition, creating and fostering a team culture, building trust and getting quick wins with XFN - while concurrently establishing a UX POV and north star for the organisation. All that plus the added challenge of leading teams distributed across four geographies, with the social commerce space evolving rapidly.

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