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James Stevens

James is widely experienced creative leader, having worked both in agencies and client-side.

He has spent the last five years at Sky, building and scaling high performing design teams and has recently moved into a newly created role as the Director of Group Product Research & Opportunity Development.

In it, he’s focused on building a new capability to help our product teams understand where Sky are today and where they could and should be tomorrow.

James Stevens

About the talk

Designing change: How to lead your team through change and come out stronger

- Barbican Centre

As Design Leaders, it’s very rare that we get the opportunity to build a team from the ground up. For the majority of us, we inherit a pre-existing team. Often, these teams may need to undergo change to be successful.

This is a talk for every design leader thinking about change for their team.

It will help you think strategically about the outcomes you want, and tactically about how to get buy-in and advocacy from the wider business you work for.

It’ll give ideas on how to define what you want success to look like and how to measure it.

It’ll equip you with tips and tricks on how to lead your team successfully through change - and, most importantly, emerge out the other side stronger.

And it’ll provide tips on how to look after yourself during what is inevitably a stressful time.

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