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Jane Austin

Jane Austin is a product design leader and has spoken about the power of good design and research at conferences all over the world (including a trip to Chile for the weekend, ask her about the earthquake).

Jane currently works as Chief Experience Officer at Digitas, the connected experience agency. Prior to this, she has had a long and varied career in design leadership, including being director of product design at Babylon Health, the startup with the incredible mission of providing affordable and accessible health care to everyone in the world, director of design and UX at MOO, the online print business that is passionate about great design and the difference it can make to its customers, at The Telegraph and at Government Digital Service (GDS).

Her biggest passion is building high-performance teams and demonstrating the value that great design and relentless focus on the customer can bring to an organisation.

Jane Austin

About the talk

You are the problem

- Barbican Centre

As designers we often find ourselves being frustrated and feeling unheard. The struggle to “get a seat at the table” seems to be widespread. Why is this? Is it simply that product people don’t listen and tech people don’t care about users? Or that business people think they know best? Or could it be that we are the problem?

In this talk Jane will look at the wider context of designing products and some strategies and tactics you can use day to day to make sure you understand the full context of your work and to help you be listened to and have impact in your job.

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