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Sedef Gavaz

Sedef has dedicated the last 15 years to designing products and services that customers love. She currently leads product management at the Natural History Museum and was named a ‘Woman of the Year 2020’ for her achievements as Chief Digital & Product Officer.

Prior to working in product, Sedef led design through User Experience at the British Council and agencies including LBi and Precedent. Sedef brings scientific curiosity to her work, which she honed during her PhD, at the University of Oxford. She inspires people through her BBC appearances, speaking at conferences and mentoring the design community.

Sedef Gavaz

About the talk

When dinosaurs go digital

- Barbican Centre

In this talk Sedef will share her experience of navigating change within large public sector organisations like the Natural History Museum. She will share the opportunities in transforming a large organisation to a customer focused culture, a few of the challenges and will give tips on how to stay motivated on the way.

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