Christina Goldschmidt

Christina Goldschmidt is an award-winning design leader who is known for driving innovation and transforming product design teams to work at enterprise scale. She has a proven track record of fostering cultures that drive both business and social impact by unlocking the power of data. Before joining Warner Music Group as their VP of Product Design, Christina spent 25 years gaining cross-functional experience at Fortune 500 companies like Etsy, Accenture, Morgan Stanley, American Express, Omnicom Media Group, The Discovery Channel and others.

With a foundation in anthropology, human and customer behaviour is her key to helping designers unlock and empower themselves and their careers. She is also an advocate for mental health and works to help managers lead from a place of authenticity.

Christina received her MBA from NYU Stern and a BS in design from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is passionate about education and is an Adjunct Professor at NYU Stern. She has also been featured at numerous conferences and publications like SXSW, UXPA and Fortune. Outside of work she loves to focus on craft, be it in ikebana, millinery, kintsugi, baking or the perfect mocktail.

Christina Goldschmidt

About the talk

Career storytelling: Elevating your career journey, no matter what happened

- Barbican Centre

There is no one path to design executive. Learn about Christina’s long and winding road to VP and how she has embraced every crisis to hit the tech sector - even as far back as the dot com bust of 2000 - to forge a fascinating and truly unique career. She will help you see how what others might see as setbacks can actually be unique moments to craft competitive differentiators for your career and how the power of storytelling can help you continuously unlock career success.

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