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Abi Jones

Abi Jones is a UX Manager in Research & Innovation at Google Health. Her team's mission is to improve the availability and accuracy of medical imaging and diagnostics. Prior to joining Health, Abi led design for products across Google, including in Area 120, Google's start-up incubator, Security & Privacy, Fiber, and Search. Her long-term focus is collaborative tools for people using machine-learning systems.

Before joining Google, Abi designed products and services for MySpace, Ferrari, Samsung, and StubHub. Abi holds a M.Ed. in Instructional Design & Development from George Mason University and a B.A. in Art History from Seattle University.

Abi Jones

About the talk

The Manager's Guide to 1:1's:

In this talk Abi will look at how we can really make our 121's a success. From establishing trust, creating mutual purpose, and helping your team achieve their goals Abi will take us through her own journey with 121's and share what's she's learnt along the way!

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