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Samantha Warren

As the Senior Experience Design Manager for Creative Cloud Services, Samantha leads the product design vision for Adobe Fonts, Extensibility, Assets and Collaboration. She is passionate about redefining Design leadership to be more collaborative and people-focussed. In the past, she has been a Design Director for agencies, a product design consultant for startups, and a designer at Twitter. A few years ago she championed, a method for establishing a visual language during the design process. She loves spending time with her husband in the outdoors, mid-century modern furniture, and hanging with her puppy named Ray Ray.

Samantha Warren

About the talk

From IC to Management: Why Design Leadership has Nothing to do with Design

A personal journey from being an “in the pixels Design lead” to a “conductor a symphony” Design manager. It's a tail of evaluating misconceptions about leadership (in particular, from my personal leadership journey) and how we can break the cycle of pushing people down the wrong path of design growth. We'll take a look at the definition of leadership and see how we can challenge it to guarantee a more diverse management layer with and industry we all care about.

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